As the year comes to a close, I always like to reflect. I’ve been able to share a lot of great blogs with my online audience and there are a few that I think are worth another read. Please join me in reflecting and take another look at some of the top tips from 2017.


Hopium: Is It Affecting You?

The inspiration behind this blog was to show people that you have to look at every situation with your feet firmly planted on the ground. You can’t look at everything with the hope that something could happen or the fear that something else couldn’t happen. Lawyers, above all else, should be able to look at every situation objectively to get to the root of a problem. To learn more about this theory and how it can help you in your personal life as well, run your eyes over this post again!


How to Make Partner

There are many young lawyers out there that want to make partner – and quickly. Not only have I helped people with this advice before, I have had to follow it myself. Making partner in a law firm takes a lot of time and a lot of stamina. It’s important to take a look at your long term goals, the goals of your firm of choice, and be able to show what you bring to the table to satisfy those goals. You may have to take on more work than you want to, just to go above and beyond to showcase your leadership and abilities. One thing is for certain, making partner is an extremely rewarding accomplishment, and such accomplishments will always have a long road ahead of them.


Defamation and the Internet – Post At Your Own Risk

The internet is a funny place. While you think it might be a place where you can say anything you want, think again. Even the internet is not above the law. Rules and regulations for defamation claims on the internet are still evolving, and disciplinary action for online bullying has been a hot topic in the news as well. All of this culminates in law officials taking a closer look at how we all interact online and how to police it. In this post, I explain how defamation on the internet can still get you sued, even if it’s just a passing note online.


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